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Get an awesome logo for your brand!

If your logo is old, has too many colours with too many elements?
This is what makes the logo forgetful. A minimal logo with 2 colours that resonates with your brand is what your logo needs in order for it to become memorable to your target audience which is followed by brand Identity Design.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, McDonald's, Boat, Apple, etc have such recognizable logo.

What is brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the mind of your target audience and consumers. At the the most basic level, brand Identity is made up of a company's logo, visual design, mission, and tone of voice.

Branding sets a certain guideline for tone of voice, colours and usage of the logo which makes the brand look premium, sounds relatable and is recognised by its target audience.

For Example - If I say "Starbucks". I'm sure the green colour, the smell of coffee and the mermaid comes to your mind right? That's what branding does!

So what are you waiting for? Let's upgrade your brand today!

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