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Why your logo needs to be awesome?

In today's market, competition is strong, and your brand must stand out; if your logo is anything less than great, people will be unable to recognize your business. To be memorable, your logo should be related to your brand.

How is branding different from a logo?

A brand is the notion or picture that people have in mind when they think of a company's unique products, services, and activities, both practically and emotionally. When exposed to all touchpoints between a person and a certain brand, this combination of physical and emotional cues is activated. These include, among other things, the brand name, logo, goods, visual identity, staff, and advertising.

Girl showing mug with starbucks logo on it
Girl showing mug with starbucks logo on it

How we do your branding?

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A personal brand, which comes from a strong desire to help brands grow to their utmost potential. It's a brand by Mitesh Gohil, a Digital Marketer who is a creative head with 8+ years of experience having reached the pinnacles of Development, Design and, Marketing.

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